Paintings by Thuy-Van Vu are included in the upcoming exhibit, Urban Ecologies, opening next week at the Galveston Arts Center.

WebUrban Ecologies
February 28th – April 7th, 2015
Galveston Arts Center, Galveston TX

Curated for Galveston Arts Center by Anna Walker and Laura Wellen of Barometry Projects – a new, Houston-based curatorial initiative.

Including work by Krista Birnbaum, Jorge Galvan Flores, Amy Sacksteder, Leslie Shershow, Thuy-Van Vu, and Eric Zimmerman, Urban Ecologies pairs artists from Houston with artists who live elsewhere, creating constellations of perspective and practice.

Galveston Arts Center, with Barometry Projects, presents “Urban Ecologies”—an original art exhibition that looks to the overlapping imagery of nature, construction, and destruction to consider the relationships we develop between cities and their landscapes. Considering landscape as an imagined thing, the exhibition asks how the urban experience lends itself to unique perspectives on nature and its role in daily life. How do we engage with our surroundings when there is an ongoing battle between man-made materials and the environment? How does the condition of our natural environs reflect a broader political understanding of place, future, and self?

Here are the works included in this exhibit by Thuy-Van Vu:

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