April 24, 2015 – June 6, 2015

Artist Reception: May 7th, 6 to 8pm
Artist Talk: May 9th, 1pm

New work in oil, sumi and ceramic inspired by the Parlor and a glimpse into the artist’s studio life.

Parlour/Parlor derives from the Old French word parloir or parler (“to speak”), and entered English around the turn of the 13th century.  As the parlour was the room in which the larger world encountered the private sphere of middle class life, the family’s face to the world, it was invariably the best room in the home. The parlour frequently displayed a family’s best furnishings, works of art and other status symbols. (from Wikipedia)

When creating this work the idea of a parlor came to mind.  The definition above fits how I use my studio because I both make my work there and use it like a living room.  I spend more waking hours in my studio than I do in any room in my home.  My studio is a detached building in my yard that looks out over the garden and has a big skylight.  How I see my artwork daily is similar to this display compared to the formal presentations of previous exhibitions.

The objects in this body of work reference art history, craft history and myself as maker and translation of seeing and making.

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