Works on Paper, Floodplains, 2008

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SAMANTHA SCHERER – Artist Statement

I am drawn to narratives about vulnerability, triumph and perseverance. I spend a lot of time reading about natural disasters and collecting images that document nature’s fury, human folly, and trauma and loss in general. I am also virtually addicted to crime dramas (both real and fictional) on television, literally unable to turn away from any episode of Law and Order (even those I’ve seen multiple times). I am interested in how people react in challenging circumstances and how their choices affect themselves, others, and ultimately the record of the event.

These pastimes reflect an abiding fascination with how conflict is portrayed in contemporary popular culture and directly influence the work that I make. My drawings reference images collected from popular online news and entertainment resources that depict a range of widely recognized events and icons from natural disasters to television crime dramas. By teasing details out of these images, I create drawn and painted snapshots that are elusively familiar. Displayed collectively, they create a fluid catalog of history and legend as it happens, focusing on the line between truth and fiction and where it is blurred by individual experience.