Gallery artist Larry Calkins teamed up with Seattle architect Tyler Engle to create a unique chair sculpture.  This collaboration is part of The Chair Project. Pratt Fine Arts Center has partnered with the Seattle Design Center to undertake a project pairing the creativity of artists and designers to create unique, unexpected versions of the everyday household item: the chair. Each team started with the bones of a chair provided by Chicago furniture maker Baker, which they altered to express their collaborative vision.

Larry Calkins & Tyler Engel, Changeling, 2011

This chair, along with 9 others are currently on display in the Nordstrom windows in downtown Seattle (through April 13), and will travel to other venues throughout the city until they are auctioned off on August 19, with proceeds benefiting Pratt.

Participating artists include Romson Bustillo, Larry Calkins, Tom DeGroot, Steve Jensen, Judith Kindler, Chris McMullen, Brian Murphy, Piper O’Neill, Jared Rue, and Laura Ward.

For a closer look, here is an article from the Issaquah Press that peers into the process Calkins and Engel took to create their chair: Sitting on the next great art show, by Laura Geggel

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