January 23 – March 2, 2019

Dual exhibits at G. Gibson Gallery and James Harris Gallery

G. Gibson Gallery and James Harris Gallery are pleased to announce dual exhibitions with Seattle based artist couple Robert C. Jones and Fay Jones. “In Tandem” explores over five decades of creative personal iconography linked by a vocabulary of color and a strong visual arrangement of composition.

Bringing together color, gesture and materiality in his nonrepresentational work, Robert C. Jones offers a uniquely intimate visual experience that rewards a first-hand encounter. Robert’s abstractions shift seamlessly between image and structure, creating an intellectual and emotional foundation revealing the uncertain boundaries between representation and reality of the physicality of paint. His process is about the physical markings themselves, all equally important to the overall structure of the piece. Jones approaches his painting and drawing practice with good humor, stating, “society pressures artists to camouflage the good time they are having. I come to my studio to paint for the sheer fun of it, for the sheer pleasure of trying to come up with something I’ve never seen before. And if I screw up, I don’t screw up the universe or anyone else’s life. There’s a possibility for freedom in art that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, and I love it.”

Fay Jones’ work is explicitly representational and highly autobiographical. For the artist, painting is an intimate act and an expression of her relationship to the world. Jones uses figures that are described with line and color rather than modulation. Her figures are often staged on flat planes of color to create a stylized illusion of depth. This signature style creates a tension between the immediacy of the simplicity of Jones’ figures and inscrutability of what she is depicting. Her work explores our collective and individual responses to representation and memory, and creates a psychological dance that is playful and thought provoking. Jones herself describes the work as, “fiction, set in the present. Caught between curious affection for history and anxiety for the future, I draw on a vivid and inaccurate memory and somewhat quirky observations of contemporary American life.”

Fay Jones (b. 1936) received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1957. Awards she has received include the Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors grant in 2013, the Seattle Art Museum’s 2006 Poncho Artist of the Year award, grants from the NEA in 1983 and 1990, the Washington State Arts Commission in 1984, and La Napoli Art Foundation in 1989.

Robert C. Jones (1930-2018) attended the Rhode Island School of Design, receiving a BFA (1953) and an MS (1959). He joined the faculty of the University of Washington School of Art in  the fall of 1960 and retired in 1995. Jones received an NEA Fellowship in 1990 and was the recipient of a 2003/2004 Flintridge Foundation award for west coast artists “whose work demonstrates high artistic merit and a distinctive voice for 20 or more years.”

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