Gala Bent – Biographic

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Artist Statement
The word “biographic” is usually used in reference to biographical texts—stories about a particular person’s life. In this exhibition, I am gleaning primarily from the two root words: bio, which is life, and graph, which is to write. How does life write when it writes about itself? What marks do its human and non-human counterparts leave behind? How do we read them? Influenced by a continued study of biochemistry, origin stories, and the poetic science of inquiry and conjecture, these paintings and sculptures use the vantage of one life to reflect on the substances that make up our shared experience of the world. In particular, I am interested in contemporary reevaluations of established categories of things like clouds or brain tissue or fungus– connective elements of ecology that once were dismissed as secondary or useless, and are shown later to be of primary importance to the working whole.