Gail Grinnell is among the 96 artists exhibiting in this years Out of Sight exhibit at the King Street Station.

August 4–28, 2016
Out of Sight
King Street Station, 303 South Jackson Street, 3rd Floor

Out of Sight returns to the third floor of the historic King Street Station for its annual survey of contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest. A curatorial and production team including Greg Lundgren, Sierra Stinson, Minh Nguyen, Julia Fryett, Beth Sellars + Molly Sides are poised to mount an exhibition reflecting the diversity and breadth of creativity that activates this region.

Running concurrent and adjacent to the Seattle Art Fair, Out of Sight will populate over 21,000 square feet with new directions, bold visions, and emerging talents.

Gail Grinnell, Installation, Out of Sight, 2016

Gail Grinnell, Installation, Out of Sight, 2016

HIDE: a watery blind
here the light will seep

I’ve have been calling this installation “a hide” as in hiding in plain sight, like a hallowed out niche in a haystack. Not real privacy but a nod to the human need for it…exposed and camouflaged at the same time.

I think of the encampments I see everyday in Seattle as damp and brutal light dappled blinds. I think of sitting in a duck blind or trying to build hides in the woods. I look with admiration at some cleverly placed enclosures and signs of scavenged comfort and take mental notes wondering how I would set up my bed on the street.

– Gail Grinnell


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