Installation by Gail Grinnell and Sam Wildman
angle of repose, Boise Art Museum, 2014
June 28 – November 30, 2014

Sponsored by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
installation photographs by Mark Woods and Hannah Wildman

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Seattle artist Gail Grinnell will be creating an installation for Boise Art Museum titled angle of repose, in collaboration with her son, artist Sam Wildman using materials and techniques informed by her mothers work as a seamstress and her father’s work as a mechanic. The effects of the Great Depression in the US and the events leading up to the end of WWII prompted the family’s migration from a mid-west farm community to a life of work in the government/company town of Hanford, Washington. The impact of this migration altered their relationship to the land and the value of their labor in ways that have continued to evolve for workers on a global stage.  In her large-scale installation, Grinnell reflects on the traditions, work ethics and life circumstances that carry through families over generations.

Grinnell’s situation specific, temporal installation at BAM was installed in the Museum’s sculpture court.