In Support of Artists: The Evolution of Seattle Exhibition Spaces

Thursday, May 25 at 7:00 pm
at Greg Kucera Gallery
212 Third Ave S, Seattle

Moderated by Beth Sellars, the panel will explore the different models for the art gallery, how they operate and facilitate artist careers, and what the future may bring to Seattle. Our guest panelists represent a broad range of models that best illustrate the interlocking parts of the Seattle art community now.

Panelist include:
Julia Greenway – Interstitial
James Harris – James Harris Gallery
Dawna Holloway – studio e
Brendan Kiley – Seattle Times
S. Surface – The Alice
Tariqa Waters – Martyr Sauce
Robert Yoder – SEASON

Hosted by Greg Kucera (Greg Kucera Gallery),  Sharon Arnold (Bridge Productions), Gail Gibson (G. Gibson Gallery)

Ticket price: $5 for admission. Additional donations gladly accepted. Proceeds to benefit Artist Trust.

We imagine this event as part of a series we will convene on the arts community in Seattle. We are hopeful that this discussion will lead to a realization of the richness and diversity of the visual art community at this moment. There are a great many show spaces in Seattle now—-at least 50 or so by our recent informal survey. We also recognize that the scene here is shifting a bit. It’s becoming apparent that galleries don’t have to be in the downtown core as they generally have been in the past. Georgetown’s development as an arts district brings a host of new ideas and models to the gallery world. Not all of these models are open during predictable daytime hours, five or six days a week. As several prominent galleries have closed, or gone private, in recent years, we are also reminded that our business is perhaps more fragile than ever before and we need to take steps to insure that artists have places to physically show their work. We need to preserve space where critical assessment can occur, and places where artists can convene to share ideas and experiences.

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