Eva Sköld Westerlind is included in a group exhibit at the Washington State Convention Center closing the end of this month.

January 15, 2015 through March 29, 2015
The Meaning of Wood: Art about Trees No Longer in the Forest
Level 2 North Galleria
Washington State Convention Center

This exhibit presents over 70 works of art by more than 40 artists from across the western US and Canada. It encompasses an exceptionally wide variety of approaches –representational to abstract, literal to fanciful, serious to sly, quirky to mainstream, and in an equally broad range of media: drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture, but also clothing, jewelry and artist books.

Says artist and curator, Suze Woolf: “there are probably as many paintings, photographs and sculptures of trees as there are trees. But what happens to trees isn’t as frequently portrayed: harvested and shipped out, milled into functional products, gnawed at, carved, burned or blown down, preserved in parks and more…. It is a paradox of our language that ‘woods’ means a living forest and ‘wood’ means the material of products and commerce.”

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