Eirik Johnson – Barrow Cabins
Mark Thompson – New Drawings

Through January 18, 2014
Artist Reception: December 5th, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: December 7th at 1pm


Eirik Johnson, Barrow Cabin 07, Summer 2010 / Winter 2012

The Barrow hunting cabins images are an extension of my continued interest in cultural and environmental modes of improvisation.  Each cabin has been fashioned out of whatever makeshift materials are on hand, from weathered plywood to old shipping pallets collected from the nearby-decommissioned Navy Base.  Children’s swings are rigged from two by fours and plastic milk boxes, while old school chairs and car seats serve as patio furniture.  Scraps of carpet and particleboard become footpaths across the loose ocean gravel and spongy permafrost tundra.  I have photographed the cabins in the midnight and early morning hours of the Arctic summer when the sun hangs almost perpetually at the horizon.  The hunters are gone, their cabins and the hunting grounds empty.
  – Eirik Johnson

Mark Thompson, Untitled (050), 2012

Mark Thompson, Untitled (050), 2012

Essentially I make work that deals with the landscapes of the far North: places of inhospitable climate and geography.  In the hope of glimpsing a certain image of a place, a landscape that is internal to me, but never wholly within my grasp, I have traveled extensively, and alone, to various places: Iceland, mainland Scandinavia and Alaska being the most prescient.  The work is, in a sense, an excavation of these experiences – watching a storm building as I descend a glacier, knowing that it will be a matter of minutes before I am drenched to the skin; tracing the paths of rivers across the tundra and exploring long forgotten buildings, feeling my boots punching through frozen crusts of snow.  The work however is made at a distance from this, filtered by memory.  As such the paintings are in part a reconstruction of what I have seen, in part a discovery of the ideal I am searching for.
– Mark Thompson

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