Save the Date: Art talk with Cable Griffith
presented by Gage Academy of Art

ArtTalk // Very 21st-Century: The Digital-Age Landscape Art of Cable Griffith
April 8, 2015
at ​Capitol Cider

ArtTalk host, artist, author, critic and lecturer Gary Faigin, discusses the instantly recognizable, brightly-colored, playful-but-serious paintings of Cable Griffith, who created an alternate universe mixing anime, video games and geometric abstraction. An artist who hates to repeat himself, he has nonetheless found a highly original vocabulary for expressing the joy and complexity of the physical world. Explore how he evolved his signature style, and how he designs the resulting environments, concerned with both formal qualities of paint, color and shape, as well as expressing a very compelling – if strange – alternate reality, only loosely tied to “nature.”

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