Amanda Knowles – Views & Spatial Extensions

Artist Statement – Amanda Knowles
Views & Spatial Extensions: My current work is an acknowledgement of the growth happening all around us and is influenced by the dramatic, shifting surroundings of Seattle. I am continually interested in the structure shown in the building process and the ultimately hidden supports and infrastructure that are temporarily exposed as a building goes up. I am excited by the implications and internal machinations of the complicated interiors and intricate supports before the scaffolding comes down and the sheathing covers the internal form.

By using a plastic Holga camera to document and explore this industry I strip out the particulars of place through the use of multiple exposures. This is my sketchbook, rooted and reiterated by the layering prevalent in my work. These images are the basis of my investigations, sometimes finding their way into the work, but many times are used as the point of departure and a way of thinking.
I work and rework – building and covering in layers. This way of working is equally about balancing confidence and doubt, a drive to be vulnerable and guarded, and is a way of thinking through. It is about searching, not finding answers, but working through as we question – “what supports what?”

I am incredibly lucky to have been included for the past couple of years in the Duwamish residency. For one week each year I find myself outside in the intersection of the industrial and sacred lands of this city. This slowing down and sitting within this landscape has greatly impacted my work.