CHRIS CRITES – Broken Word
acrylic on paper bag
2013 – 2014

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photo credit: Art & Soul


This body of work is about the connections we share and how what we do and say can affect others in ways we can’t even imagine. Small actions that may seem inconsequential can lead to misunderstandings. Simple misunderstandings can be exaggerated into elaborate lies. We can’t always say what we mean or mean what we say, but we are always sending off signals. Communication can be tricky and something we take for granted.

The four mug shots in this show are combinations of two individuals booked on similar charges. These along with the Woman During Criminal Investigation are examinations on the connections we share with others whether we are aware of them or not. The car crash images are a reflection of how individuals and their actions can affect others.

2013 was becoming what was probably my best professional year. As I began working on this show, things devolved into what would become my worst personal year. I began to think a lot about the power of denial, the truths we ignore and the lies we embrace. I took this opportunity to begin experimenting and taking my work in new directions. The work in this exhibit reflects how ordinary chaos in our lives can change us.